fresNO dance COllective

The FresNO Dance COllective is Central California’s resident professional modern dance company founded and directed by Amy Querin. You can call us “NOCO” for short. Since 2010, we’ve been busting our buns to expand the culture of dance through performance, education, and outreach in the community of Fresno and beyond.



NOCO creates and performs original works of modern dance that have earned accolades across the country. From our annual productions in Fresno’s Rogue Festival to our touring engagements — including performances in San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta — we’re always working to bring modern dance to art lovers and the public at large. We’ve also hosted nationally acclaimed artists for performances in our hometown of Fresno. Find out when and where we’ll be dancing on the Performances page.


Besides our regular training for company members, we teach a bunch of classes and workshops that are open to anyone in the community. Modern dance, Pilates, and aerial yoga are just a few of the fun and unique offerings. If you’re in the mood to move, check out the upcoming opportunities on the Classes page.


NOCO believes in fostering creativity in all its forms. That’s why we devote a considerable amount of time to outreach. We’ve introduced the art of dance to tons of Fresno-area teens through classes at local schools, after-school programs, and dance studios. We also partner with community organizations to promote creative endeavors. You can stay up to date on all the NOCO happenings by signing up for our email updates and following us on Facebook and Twitter.


NOCO is a California nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes. Financial support comes from a range of public sources — ticket sales, fundraising, and direct support. You can support NOCO by making a donation.

If you’ve got questions or would like to learn more about NOCO, get in touch.